Our Commitment

Together, We Make a Greater Today and Tomorrow

As a responsible corporate citizen, KRAFTON will strive to make a greater today and tomorrow together with everyone. KRAFTON aims to create a sustainable society in its own unique way towards three different goals: ‘Digital Empowerment’, ‘Shared Growth’, and ‘Inclusive Universe’

  • Digital

    Cultivating key talents
    to lead the digital industry
  • Shared

    Participating in
    social activities with
    our employees and fans
  • Inclusive

    Forming a digital
    ecosystem that respects
    and embraces diversity

Our Activities

Digital Empowerment

We will continue to expand quality education opportunities to contribute to reducing the digital skills gap for future generations.

Our Signature Program

KRAFTON JUNGLE, which was launched to alleviate the software engineer shortage problem in the industry and create jobs for youths, provides an opportunity to participate in immersive experience, self-directed learning, and team-based collaboration over five months. KRAFTON JUNGLE will continue to produce software developers with a solid foundation of skills by expanding the program to a scale of 1,000 trainees per year.

Introduction page of KRAFTON JUNGLE LINK

Official website of KRAFTON JUNGLE LINK


Shared Growth

We will foster the growth of the community by providing opportunities for our employees and fans to participate in solving social problems.

Our Signature Program

Under the theme of cultivating future talent, KRAFTON operates Matching Grant program to help our employees to contribute to the resolution of social problems related to their individual interests. Matching Grant is a form of donation matching in which the money donated by employees are additionally supplemented to an extent by the company.

Introduction page of Matching Grant LINK

KRAFTON is providing necessary support to local communities, along with our employees and fans, to help them quickly recover from disasters, such as Turkey earthquake and Australian bushfire.


Inclusive Universe

We will establish a mature industry ecosystem where unique creations are born infinitely and enjoyed by everyone.

Our Signature Program

KRAFTON is sponsoring Game Generation, a game culture online magazine published by Game Culture Foundation, to allow anyone to easily access the cultural value of games and stories from the industry.

Official website of Game Generation LINK